A sea of clouds surrounds the mountains,where pure water streams flow,and the Hiji River runs to the Inland Sea.

The landscape of Ozu has been developed by mountains and water, where the gifts from the sea, mountains, and rivers are nurtured.

Enjoy the amazing tastes of Iyo's nature and cooking techniques to your heart's content.


Dinner at Ozu Castle

Enjoy famed cuisines dating back to the Ozu domain of the Edo era as described in the geographical booklet Ozu Hiroku (secret records of Ozu). This is an expression of the menu that Sadayasu Kato would have eaten at that time, mixed with modern techniques. The ingredients are gathered as requested by the lord and prepared with the best techniques. The dishes are made from Tobeyaki ware, which the Kato family produced to help rebuild the clan's finances.

Drinks at Koran Yagura
& Castle Lounge

After dinner, enjoy a cup of local sake at the Koran Yagura, an important cultural asset designated by the national government, where samurais at Ozu Castle used to take in views of the moon.

Or, go to the lounge in the annex which is available only to the guests staying overnight and features the most magnificent view of Ozu Castle, to cap off your day drinks on comfortable sofas.

Breakfast at
the Garyu Sanso villa

The Garyu Sanso Villa was awarded one star by the Michelin Green Guide Japan. You can enjoy the luxury of having breakfast with fresh air in this scenic spot surrounded by silence and morning mist.

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