The scent of Japanese cypress lingers in the tranquil atmosphere.Coming into contact with the powerful pillars and intricate framework made of wood that is over 300 years old, brings you back in time.

What was going through the minds of the military commanders of the past here?

Enjoy history you can only experience by staying in Ozu castle.


Ozu Castle

The entirety of Ozu Castle including the castle tower and the two turrets which are national important cultural properties are offered to the guests staying overnight as their own private space. During the period of stay, no one except the butlers or chefs will be allowed to enter the entire premises of the castle hill. Relax and enjoy your stay.

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Castle Lounge

A lounge and bathhouse available only to the guests of the Castle Stay are located in a panoramic location with an amazing view of Ozu Castle.

Tobeyaki ware and other high quality ware, furnishings and appliances produced by Iyo artisans create an elegant atmosphere.

The lounge and bathhouse allow views of the magnificent castle tower.In the night, it is illuminated and the view becomes even more spectacular.


SILMORE series items made of Ozu silk, and IKEUCHI ORGANIC towels, robes, and nightwear made of 100% organic cotton are available.

" SILMORE " Series official site >
" IKEUCHI ORGANIC " official site >

SILMORE shampoos and body soaps are made from domestic silk produced by one of the few remaining Ozu cocoon makers, and are rich in moisturizing ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

“IKEUCHI ORGANIC” cottons are derived from seeds which are not genetically modified, and grown in the fields where agrochemicals or chemical fertilizers have not been used over the last 3 years.

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