Guidance and Notes

Please read the following information before you make a reservation.


Per night for double occupancy
Rate per person  660,000 YEN (tax included)

When a room is occupied by 3 or more guests,
the following additional rate will be charged per person from the third person and on

Adult guest

Additional 132,000 yen per person

Elementary school student (6-12)

66,000 yen

Pre-school (age 3-5)

44,000 yen

Infant (0-2)


*Booking must be made with a minimum of double occupancy by 2 adult guests
*Adult rates apply for those junior high school age and older
*If you stay for two or more nights, we will take you to a hotel that renovated a historic residence in the castle town.

Maximum capacity

2 - 6 guests (including children)

Dates available

Castle Stays are available only during seasonal periods except August and December through February.

*Booking for any 1 day is limited to 1 group only. Please check on availability in advance.
*Because the guest rooms are sited in the fully restored wooden castle tower, booking is limited to certain time of the year only.
*Limited to 30 groups per year. Applications may be closed if the number of groups exceeds the limit.

Procedure for confirming booking

1. Inquiry and confirmation of available dates

Please contact VMG Reception Desk or visit VMG website and use the inquiry forms posted there.Please let us know the dates and the number of guests you wish to inquire about.We will get back to you after we have checked on the availability of facilities and activities/programs.Incoming inquiries or requests for any dates falling in a period of time less than 2 weeks from the date of inquiries or requests will not be processed.

2. Confirmation and agreement on availability

Plans and programs for your stay vary depending on weather and season. We will be sure to determine the plans and programs based on prior consultations with you.

3. Confirmation of rates

When the dates and the number of guests are determined, the rates are determined, and a tentative reservation is made.(Depending on your subsequent needs and requests, certain additional rates may be charged later.)

4. Reservation procedures

You will be asked to confirm the Terms of Stay, sign the Consent form, and pay 10% of the total fixed sum within one week after the tentative reservation is made.

5. Reservation complete

Booking is complete when the upfront payment is received.Please note that the full amount of the deposit must be paid in advance, at least 21 days prior to the day of arrival, and any additional fees will be due on the day of check-out.

Terms & Conditions
Reservation & Inquiries

Important information

Please read the following before you make your reservation

*At the time of making a reservation, please be sure to do so after you have read and find yourself comfortable with the Terms of Stay (the entirety of the Terms)

*When any guest is under the age of 18 years, he/she must be accompanied by one or more guardian(s).

*In the event you cancel your reservation at any point in time prior to the scheduled stay, cancellation fees will be charged as referred to in the Terms of Stay. We ask that you be fully aware of this at the time you make your reservation.

About programs during your stay

*In principle, we will provide you with an overview of the program at least two weeks prior to your check-in date. The final program for the duration of the stay will be announced at the time of check-in for you to enjoy.

*In addition, many of the scheduled programs are very special experiences at various places of interest and lodgings in Ozu. For this reason, many of the programs require advance procedures, etc., and as a rule, changes cannot be made on the day of the program.

*Please note that the program may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other reasons. Any changes to the program due to weather conditions will be at the discretion of the hotel, based on the forecast.

*And, whilst we will try to do our utmost to accommodate your needs and requests in connection with the changes to the contents of the programs necessitated by your circumstances on the day scheduled for the programs, there might be cases we will be unable to accommodate. Further, please note that any changes to the contents of the programs do not result into any discounts in the rates of stay or programs.

About facility usage

During your Castle Stay experience, there are many historically and culturally valuable facilities such as important cultural properties. We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us while paying close attention to the conservation and preservation of these facilities.

Booking & inquiry form
Contact by telephone
+81 (0)120-210-289
(VMG Reception Desk operating hours 11:00 – 20:00)GMT+9
888 Ozu,Ozu-shi, Ehime-ken
795-0012 Japan