It is said that people began to live in this land as far back as 10,000 B.C. during which time a sense of eternal peace and tranquility has been quietly flowing through the land as the centuries have passed.

The beautiful scenery formed by water, mountains, and castles, and the culture developed in a town that flourished through Japan wax and raw silk production.

The entire town envelopes the traveler, and all you have to do is relax and enjoy to the fullest.


*Please note that certain programs may not be available depending on the time of year.
Please let us know your needs and requests, and we will get back to you with specific proposals of actual activities and itineraries.

Castle Stay Exclusive Program

Ozu Castle’s 1617 Sadayasu Kato takeover

The scenes of the takeover of Ozu Castle will be reproduced right in front of your eyes. Sadayasu Kato, the 1st Lord of the Kato family that governed the Ozu domain for over 250 years, moved from the Yonago domain to the Ozu domain in 1617. The guests will be asked to take part in the scenes and to accede to the office of one-day lord of the castle as imposed directly by the Lord of the domain.

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Garyu Sanso villa

The Garyu Sanso villa is a landmark piece of architecture built in the architectural style of a tea-ceremony arbor and located in a scenic view point alongside the Hiji River. The guests have breakfast at this national important cultural property chartered for exclusive use, and enjoy a tranquil experience amidst the beautiful garden.

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Customized programs to fully enjoy Ozu

Exciting Hiji River program

Enjoy champagne on a riverboat, and enjoy Ozu, which has flourished as a water town since ancient times, including Ozu no Ukai, one of the three largest Ukai in Japan, in which a bonfire-lit cormorant boat and a passenger houseboat travel together down the river.

Cultural heritage program

Nyohoji Temple is the family temple where the seven lords of the Kato family, who were reestablished by the second lord of the Ozu domain, Kato Yasuko. The Sukunahikona Shrine is said to be the place where Sukunabikona, who was instrumental in the creation of the country in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters), met his end, and his mausoleum is said to be located near the top of Mt. Yanze in the shrine grounds. This tour will take you around the mysterious world of Ozu.

Ozu downtown tour program

As the part of the town that developed at the foot of the castle did not suffer war damages, there still are well-preserved residences from the Edo and Meiji eras exhibiting the once prosperity of the manufacture and trade of Japan wax and raw silk. Enjoy the retro townscape along with the town's vibrant lifestyle and culture.

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